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  e-Learning Solutions

Rising costs and ever-changing market conditions have led educational and corporate institutions alike to look into technology to meet their learning, educational, and training goals. But in the rush to embrace new online systems, some who failed to set the proper groundwork are now spending more than was originally expected in order to reach the promised benefits.

While supporting the needs for fresh new approaches to education and training, e-Learning systems must provide reasonable assurance that investments will bring in acceptable returns. The system must therefore be flexible to meet changing requirements, scalable to meet increasing usage, and robust to cope with day-to-day demands without system failure. It also must be standards compliant in order to ensure portability of its learning modules. These can be achieved by clearly understanding the objectives for which e-Learning is initiated, by setting the right expectations, and by establishing accountability for its success.

YASHTEC Solutions is aware that e-Learning has the potential to positively impact an organization's fundamental objectives. But it does not come without risks.

YASHTEC Solutions combines its years of experience as consultants for government and private institutions with its expertise in the latest technologies in order to identify those risks, mitigate them, and recommend the e-Learning system that meets the objectives of its clients.

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